Building your online business is about to become as exciting as you thought it would be!


Are you finding yourself totally overwhelmed by all the technical pieces that need to fall into place in order to get your online business up and running?

Have you fallen down the research rabbit hole only to find yourself more confused than you were before?

Feeling totally lost when it comes to getting your opt-in forms ready, your membership site ready to launch, or your products/services/courses ready to be sold?

I believe building an online business should be a time filled with excitement, anticipation, and inspirationnot stress and tech overwhelm.

The tech behind your business is meant to serve your vision, not take away from it.

A vision without the tools needed to see it through is merely a fleeting dream.

~Katie Chase

Your business tech comprises the tools that give you the power to bring your vision to life!

More often than not, we feel the tech-y stuff becomes the barrier keeping us from fulfilling our higher calling as business owners—an insurmountable hurdle that we just can’t seem to get over. 

And because of it, powerful business visions die before they even get started. 

This absolutely breaks my heart…because I know it doesn’t have to be this way.

I know that with the right coaching and mentoring, every online business owner can feel empowered throughout the process of building their business, knowing that they will never be limited again by the tech required to fulfill their purpose. 

YES, even if you aren’t tech-y!

Begin with the end in mind.

~Stephen Covey

Set Up to Scale Up

When working with my clients, I always work from the “begin with the end in mind” mindset, which is why my motto is: Set Up to Scale Up!

You want a successful business, right?

And whether that means building a 6-figure or 7-figure business, it’s important to set up your business tech to prepare you for what’s ahead—your inevitable success.

But when you first get started, it’s really hard to know what tech you need in order to support your business vision NOW (in the early stages) and into the future when you start seeing your success.

Navigating the start-up process and all the tech involved can become a black hole of your time, energy, and passion—all of which you need in order to build your big, beautiful business. 

That’s why I recommend to everyone who starts an online business to find a mentor who understands exactly what kinds of tech is needed to build a successful and scalable business online.  

heya! katie here.

I’m your online business tech mentor!

I believe that setting up your business tech right is the fastest way to achieve your vision.

I also believe that you don’t have to fumble your way through your business tech the old-fashioned, sanity-crushing, trial-and-error way. 

That’s why I have created The Online Business Tech-xperience™— an online coaching and mentoring program designed to help you navigate the tech setup your business requires in order to see your big, beautiful business vision through!

The Online Business Tech-xperience™ will enable you to set up your online business to scale up with your big vision, meaning you will learn how to set up and implement the right tech to help you achieve both your short-term and long-term business goals.

This is NOT an IT training program. It’s an empowering learning experience to help you not only understand the “whys” behind your business tech, but also teach you how to use it to amplify your efforts as you work to build your business!

In order to be the captain of the ship, you need to know how the ship runs from the inside out!

Before you can ever outsource your tech-y to-dos, I believe you need to understand how your business systems work. Because without that fundamental knowledge, you’re placing your business at risk.

Think about it. 

You outsource your email marketing from Day 1 to your virtual assistant. They set up your forms, your opt-ins, and your funnels. 

Then they quit. 

What will you do then? You have NO idea how to set up forms and put them on your website. Now you scramble to find another VA because you’re desperate for the help and don’t want to lose momentum, thus repeating the cycle of putting control of your business in someone else’s hands.

What if, however, you know exactly how to perform those tech-y tasks, and you’re prepared to step in whenever you need to? 

When you’re faced with the unexpected, momentum is maintained because you know how to run the ship from the inside out!

In The Online Business Tech-xperience, you will get support with…


list building

Your email list is the foundation of your business. You can have a business without a website, but you can’t have a successful online business without an email list in today’s digital world. I can guide you through building your email marketing system so you can start growing a thriving and lucrative email list!



Your website is the face of your business. It’s the first impression your potential clients have of you. Creating a website that is equipped to grow with you is paramount when it comes to building a scalable online business.I can coach you through the set up and design of your self-hosted WordPress website so it grows and scales just like you want it!


online courses

The world needs your brilliance! Creating an online course is one of the most lucrative ways to build an online business right now. Sharing your expertise in digital format can help you create a scalable income source for the long term! I can coach you through the set up of your digital course or program so you can start making more money & impact!


membership sites

Want to build a digital suite of resources and support for your customers? Building a membership offer is what you want! You can offer amazing ongoing support and resources to your customers via a custom membership! I can help you build your membership site so you can start building the community and recurring revenue you want!


digital products

Start increasing your revenue with digital products like eBooks, workbooks, printable templates, and more! Digital products can create trickle-in revenue that works in the background of your business so you can make money while you sleep. I can help you set up your digital product fulfillment funnels so you can create multiple income streams!



Ready to launch your product? Making sure all of the tech is set up correctly so your launch runs smoothly is KEY to pulling off a successful launch and making more sales. I can help you build your launch funnels, sequences, and fulfillment campaigns so you can be confident your launch will go off without a hitch!

and more!

“Katie comes alive when she talks about funnels, launches, list building, and marketing. I never imagined a person could possibly be this authentically in love with e-mail sequences, but Katie is.

InfusionSoft makes me (and most people) cringe, but it causes Katie to get carried away with excitement to the point that you honestly can’t get her to stop talking about it.

Katie is a problem solver like no other. Nothing stands in her way and she always finds a solution. Challenges don’t discourage her…they excite her. Give Katie a problem you can’t figure out, and I can almost guarantee she’ll come back to you with a solution to that problem – even when you didn’t think it possible. She’s sort of magic in that way. Problem solving is Katie’s jam, and when she hits a wall, she’ll always find a way up, through, or around it.

Katie is honest, hard-working, trustworthy, and a joy to work next to. I couldn’t possibly imagine a better fit.

Meagan Chase

Director of Content Strategy, Money Saving Mom, LLC

the process

how it all works


Choose the RIGHT Tools!

Uncover exactly what tools you need to amplify your efforts and build a scalable business from Day 1!

Build the RIGHT Systems!

Receive real-time coaching on how to set up the systems you need to support your unique business objectives!

Get the RIGHT support!

Confidently run your online business knowing you have a lifeline when you need it!

Through actionable group coaching and self-paced guided materials, you’ll have all the support you need to get your business tech set up and running before the end of the program!

Waiting List Now Open!

Interested in joining The Online Business Tech-xperience? Join the waiting list to receive your personal consult call with Katie to see if the program is right for you!

Details on the program, including the next session start date, will be sent to you as soon as they are available.

“When we first brought Katie on board, we set an ambitious goal to launch multiple courses to our audience over a 12 month period. She fulfilled her role beyond our expectations and was an integral part in every aspect of creating these courses and then marketing them as well. She never hesitated to identify problems, find solutions to those problems and then to launch the courses to our audience with extreme skill and effectiveness.

During the time working with Katie, she was efficient, professional, organized, and a person I knew I could turn to when things were looking like they were stalling. She had the energy, focus, and drive to make any project successful. Katie has my highest recommendation.

Brian Scheer

Director of Marketing and Strategy, Money Saving Mom, LLC